Credit Reports

Credit report disputes (also called consumer reports) can involve the inaccurate reporting of your credit by the consumer credit reporting agencies for many reasons. Some reasons include a creditor incorrectly reporting the status of your account, someone else's information is on your credit report or identity theft (someone has stolen your identity and is opening fraudulent accounts in your name). Sometimes, old information, even though it is accurate, is wrongfully reported. When debt is sold, some debt buyers or debt collectors will use an incorrect date of last activity so that the delinquency appears more recent than it really is. These errors can hurt your consumer credit score. You have the right to dispute errors and inaccuracies in your reports, and you should submit reports directly to the consumer credit reporting agencies to give you the full protection of the Fair Credit Reporting Act and state law.

Your right to the privacy of your credit history may be violated by someone reviewing your file without your permission or a report may be used in an unauthorized manner. 

Recoveries for violations of the fair credit reporting laws like the Fair Credit Reporting Act oftentimes include a statutory minimum award or actual damages caused by the violation and attorney's fees.

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