Employment Matters

Your rights under Federal and Wisconsin laws in the workplace include non discrimination in employment for an equal opportunity in hiring, pay, promotion and benefits. If you are denied such benefits of employment because of your race, color, gender, religion, age, disability, national origin, sexual orientation or other protected characteristic, you may have a claim under the various civil rights or discrimination laws. 

You also have the right to a minimum wage and to overtime pay in many positions. If you don't get paid your legal wage, you may have claims under Federal and Wisconsin wage laws. 

You may have a contract of employment that imposes certain obligations on you or gives you certain rights that you would not have otherwise. 

Federal and Wisconsin laws for family medical leave also protect your job for qualifying absences for some employees when caring for oneself or another person with a serious health condition or new born/adoption. 

You may also believe that you lost your job because of wrongful termination.

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